”With our deepest gratitude…”

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Att vara deskoff för Enskilda Insatser är ett fantastiskt jobb. Att vi har duktig och professionell personal bekräftas när man får mail som det här som dök upp i min inbox för någon vecka sedan. BRA JOBBAT …

/// Alf Norbäck, Deskoff Enskilda Insatser


Dear Major Norbäck

I run a beekeeping development organisation training beekeepers in Uganda and travel there often.  You regularly see serious road accidents in Uganda, but never expect to be involved in one yourself.
On Thursday 16th February I was travelling with my wife, two daughters and mother about an hour north of Hoima when our driver lost control of our vehicle which rolled over. We were unclear as to the extent of the injuries to my eldest daughter Laura had a significant cut to her elbow and my mother Dee was in pain and unable to move. My greatest concern travelling in Uganda is that should I have a significant medical problem Uganda is not a country where you are going to have access to medical facilities that we are used to.

As we waited for assistance I could not decide whether to seek medical attention in Kampala or to just try to get home to the UK as soon as possible. Then Cpl Jonas Alm, Lt. Michael Wallman, Srg 1st Class Marcus Dahlberg and Capt. Andreas Jönsson appeared and their immediate offer of help and water was a great relief.  To find that Cpl. Jonas Alm was a trained medic seemed a miracle and his professionalism and treatment of us all was a tremendous relief.  In particular he was able to treat and dress Laura’s elbow which had gone through the window during the crash and was bleeding profusely.  He checked my mother and assured us that there was deep bruising but no broken bones to her hip, he also dressed a cut to the arm of our driver Robert and to the arm of my younger daughter Harriet. They then all assisted Laura and my mother to get out of the vehicle.

De fyra svenska soldaterna Jonas Alm, Michael Wallman, Marcus Dahlberg och Andreas Jönsson vid olycksbilen.

We all felt so much better following their intervention and rather than flying home we were able to enjoy the last 3 days we had in Uganda. Neither my mother or Laura has required further treatment despite visiting hospital as a precaution upon returning to the UK.
The presence and actions of your men made us better able to cope with a truly terrible incident for which we will be eternally grateful.

We have contacted Capt Andreas Jönsson to thank him and his colleagues for their help, but would like to bring to your attention the exemplary behaviour of your men who were unquestionably a credit to Sweden and the Swedish armed forces.

With our deepest gratitude
Michael, Gill, Laura and Harriet Oxley and Dee Allen


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  1. Berndt Grundevik 20 mars, 2012 kl. 7:44 e m Anmäl kommentar

    Mycket bra agerat på olycksplatsen
    Hälsningar Berndt Grundevik

  2. Robert Trupp 19 mars, 2012 kl. 10:59 e m Anmäl kommentar

    Ibland är man extra stolt över att vara kontingentschef, ett sådant tillfälle är nu! Extra trevligt är att Jonas Alm har sökt specialist officersutbildning med inriktning sjukvård!! Korpral Alm kommer att bli en riktig bra tillgång i FM ( om han klarar intervjuen, som han måste göra trots att han redan är anställd!!) Bra jobbat grabbar och lycka till som NCO cpl Alm.